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DHMOWIKI is for all of you who are addicted to DHMO and need to consume DHMO within 72 hours.
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Forbidden actions

This wiki forbids six types of action. The first of these is Copyright Infringement. When posting to this wiki, be sure to use articles that you've written or imported from free documentation. If you store copyrighted text here without permission, you can receive Warning or punishment in Wiki.

The second is to damage other people. In this wiki, you can create a document that looks like crap or contains a small amount of mischief. However, this can lead to Warning and Punishment in WIKI if you commit malicious behavior, such as damaging another person's documents, or insulting or slandering someone.

The third is Privateize Documents. This wiki also allows other users to edit, edit, and delete documents. Of course, malicious edits will be limited, but any document can be edited by some other user. If you refuse to do this and you only want to use the document, you can receive Warning.

The fourth one is Inappropriate ID Name. At DHMOWIKI, you can get punishment in wiki for IDs that impair someone's name, sexual content, or impersonate another. Please be careful when creating your account. Inappropriate name criteria

The fifth is Multiple Accounts. DHMOWIKI allows you to receive punishment in wiki if you use multiple accounts to confuse or harm people. If you have more than 3 accounts, you will be permanently blocked. If you are using multiple accounts, please contact admin.

The sixth is individual friendliness and mention of real name. In this wiki, we show a feeling of intimacy as a personal acquaintance and block after three warnings when the information of the unwanted person is known. Also, if you mention your real name (but ID is real name, It's okay), you will be blocked after 3 warnings.

Admin question

If this wiki gets too large, there may be violations that administrators may not notice. If you want to report someone or a document Please ask Admin question or report Report Violation. The details of each inquiry can be found in their respective documents.

Participate in DHMOWIKI

Are you new to wikis? If so, read Wiki Grammar first. It's simple.

Mini games

DHMOWIKI provides mini games. There are no multiplays or save score.


This is Tetris. Press arrow button to move blocks.


This is 2048.

Snake game

This is snake game. Use arrow button to eat red apple.


This is pacman. Use arrow keys to move.


This is chess. Singleplay game.

Let's be calculator!

This is calculator game. Solve problem as many as you can.